Ganglia on Amazon Linux (and other RedHat derivatives)

The below is for setting up unicast, not multicast. AWS does not support multicast networking.

Key concepts: gmond daemons run on every server and use C code to collect the server's stats; this data is stored in local memory. Multiple gmonds can send their data on to one central gmond to hold, call this a gmond "bank"; this "bank" also uses only memory to store the server stats. gmetad comes along and collects the data from the gmond "banks" and stores in it rrds, these are files; the web interface uses these rrd files, and it usually runs on the same server as gmetad.

Cluster name: cluster name is key in grouping data and getting it from gmond to gmond and then on to gmetad. data_source is the way gmetad find the "banks"; and, by the way, you can have redundant "banks" for one cluster data_source.

Getting rid of multicast settings: comment out all references to multicast: bind_hostname, mcast_join, bind. Comment them all out.

UDP vs TCP, and port 8649: port 8649 is the default. UDP traffic on port 8649 is used for gmond intercommunication. And TCP traffic on port 8649 is used by the gmetad daemon to pull data from all your gmond "banks". Run "tcpdump -i any -nn port 8649" ALL THE TIME ON EVERY SERVER in a separate terminal when debugging.

  1. mkdir ganglia_rpms
  2. cd ganglia_rpms/
  3. wget
  4. wget
  5. wget
  6. wget
  7. wget
  8. wget
  9. wget
  10. wget
  11. yum localinstall ganglia-*.rpm lib*.rpm
  12. yum install httpd
  13. yum install php
  14. cd
  15. mkdir ganglia-web-dev
  16. cd ganglia-web-dev/
  17. wget
  18. tar zxvf ganglia-web-3.5.12.tar.gz
  19. cd ganglia-web-3.5.12
  20. vi Makefile 
    1. GDESTDIR = /var/www/html/ganglia
    2. APACHE_USER = apache
  21. make install
  22. cp apache.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/ganglia.conf
  23. vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/ganglia.conf 
    1. /usr/share/ganglia-webfrontend -> /var/www/html/ganglia
  24. service httpd start
  25. setenforce 0 
    1. not needed on Amazon Linux
  26. vi /etc/ganglia/gmond.conf
  27. vi /etc/ganglia/gmetad.conf
  28. service gmond start
  29. service gmetad start


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