absolute necessities for technical teams of diverse personality types

  1. change management
    1. for "real"
      1. using professional standards developed by large companies
      2. many government orgs use the standard
      3. existing tools may exist
      4. concepts definitely exist and are well documented
    2. repositories on all changed files
      1. who changed what when
        1. ability to lower repeated mistakes through good practices
    3. system for tracking pushes up environment chain
      1. dev -> qa -> staging -> prod
    4. garbage maintenance
      1. zero duplicate file name and/or paths
        1. requires code calling by old name/path be updated immediately
  2. process
    1. tracking
      1. modern ticketing system
    2. ownership
      1. tickets ownership changed as issues blocked by new owner
        1. ETAs alway updated on ownership change by new owner
    3. Gantt or similar mapping of tasks, milestone and dependencies
      1. daily updated charting by designated project manager
  3. information
    1. ownership
    2. responsibility
    3. single endpoint
  4. enforcement
    1. lack of enforcement leads to habitual pattern of ignoring policies and procedures
    2. some form of impartial performance quality must be developed
    3. repeated inability to meet ETAs must have measureable repercussions
  5. coding
    1. code reviews on any and all code everywhere
      1. random, cross team code reviews would be more effective
        1. so teams can learn from each other
    2. zero tolerance for outdated
      1. coding practices
      2. coding languages
        1. code must be updated to current standards


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