Add Virtualbox "Guest Additions" to Ubuntu Desktop 12.04

  1. The VM must be running to install the Guest Additions, so start up the VM
  2. Once the VM window shows the booted instance, find the "Devices" menu option at the very top of the encapsulating window (this is hard to make clear/clarify) but don't do anything with it yet.
  3. Make sure you are logged into your user's desktop on the VM
  4. On the VM, make sure your user has root privileges (not covered here), also called "sudo" privileges
  5. Choose Devices -> Install Guest Additions
  6. Confirm all prompts to download and mount the virtual CD from Virtualbox, this may take a while to download/complete
  7. Run the install when prompted
  8. Reboot the VM
  9. Send issues


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