pfsense under Virtualbox

This is very brief. Not completely complete. An outline. A hint.
  1. Download pfsense iso
  2. Download Ubuntu Desktop iso
  3. Create a VM for the pfsense
    1. two interfaces
        1. Adaper 1
        2. Enable Network Adapter
        3. NAT
      1. Adaper 2
        1. Enable Network Adapter
        2. Internal Network
          1. intnet
    2. add the pfsense iso as a Storage
      1. Empty
      2. On the far right, there is a disk icon with a drop-down arrow
      3. Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file...
      4. Select the pfsense iso on your local drive
    3. OK
  4. Boot the pfsense and hit "I" (capital eye) at the appropriate time to install pfsense to the VM's hard drive
  5. em0 and em1 will be the interfaces to use 
    1. not found automatically in my case
  6. Rest of pfsense install not covered here
  7. Install Ubuntu as normal
    1. Adapter 1
      1. use intnet
  8. Start up Ubuntu desktop and log into some similar gateway IP
Your host computer will not be able to hit the pfsense because your host is considered "outside the firewall". Hence, the trick to use an "inside man", an "inside computer" to reach the pfsense.

NOTE: Did you get stuck, blocked, lost? Let me know on which step, thanks.


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