Redhat: vnc to remote server

NOTE: if the vncserver insists on starting on a port other than 5966, like 6099, wipe the ~/.vnc directory and start over again. If that doesn't help, change the second instance of 5966 below to 6066 in the port forwarding ssh command, e.g. '-L 5966:localhost:6066'.
  1.  as remote root on myhost
    1. yum install tigervnc
    2. yum install tigervnc-server
    3. yum install libXfont pixman
    4. yum install fluxbox
    5. yum install firefox
  2. as a remote user, myuser, on myhost
    1. vncserver :66 -localhost
      1. set a password, call it mypassword
  3. as local user
    1. ssh -L 5966:localhost:5966 myuser@myhost
      1. leave running and do next step in another local term
    2. vncviewer -encodings 'copyrect tight zrle hextile' localhost:5966
      1. authenticate with mypassword
  4. as a remote user, myuser, on myhost
    1. export DISPLAY=:66
    2. xterm &
    3. fluxbox &
    4. firefox &


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