Zenoss: multi-graph report

Note: used version 3.x, other version nav my vary slightly
  1. Make a group
    1. create a new group under Infrastructure
    2. name it group001
    3. drag-and-drop a bunch of related servers into it
  2. Reports -> Multi-Graph Reports, left-nav
    1. Add Multi-Graph Report, bottom left-nav '+' sign
      1. name it report001
      2. Collections
        1. Add Collection
          1. def: a collection is just a previously defined set of devices
            1. like your group001
          2. name it collection001
            1. Group, in drop-down
            2. click on group001
            3. Add to Collection
        2. nav in 3.x sucks, click back on report name
          1. upper middle-nav "breadcrumb"
      3. Graph Definitions
        1. Add Graph
          1. name it graph001
          2. Graph Points
            1. Add DataPoint
              1. laLoadInt15_laLoadInt15
                1. hard to go wrong with this data point
                2. later, you can explore others
                3. naming can be very, very ugly
                  1. e.g. os/interfaces/eth0/ifOutOctets_ifOutOctets
          3. nav sucks, click back on report name in breadcrumb
      4. Graph Groups
        1. Add Graph Group
          1. name it graphgroup001
          2. select
            1. collection: collection001
            2. graph definition: graph001
            3. method: All devices on single graph
            4. save
        2. nav sucks, click back on report name in breadcrumb
    2. View Report, upper, upper left-nav
      1. should see some points plotted on a graph for all servers in your "group
      2. one can always go back to reports main screen to view report


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