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cassandra sstable version in filename

Look in the filename of the sstable, you'll see some letters between hyphens/dashes, ie "-"; these are the version of your sstable, see below for possible values.


Btw, cassandra "support" loves to send you to look at code, so download the code and get familiar with the basic structure (somehow).

public static final Version LEGACY = new Version("a"); // "pre-history" // b (0.7.0): added version to sstable filenames // c (0.7.0): bloom filter component computes hashes over raw key bytes instead of strings // d (0.7.0): row size in data component becomes a long instead of int // e (0.7.0): stores undecorated keys in data and index components // f (0.7.0): switched bloom filter implementations in data component // g (0.8): tracks flushed-at context in metadata component …

Mac spotlight equivalent for Openbox: dmenu_run

apt-get install suckless-tools dmenu_run

aws ec2 cli filter by tag name and value

aws ec2 describe-instances --filter Name=tag:Name,Values=ADS-prod-ads The horrible syntax of "and" filters:
 aws ec2 describe-instances --filter '{"Name":"tag:backup","Values":["yes"]}' '{"Name":"instance-state-name","Values":["running"]}' non-breakout view below aws ec2 describe-instances --filter '{"Name":"tag:backup","Values":["yes"]}' '{"Name":"instance-state-name","Values":["running"]}'