Cassandra: links to snapshots in one place

Use rsync with '-L' to copy elsewhere.


require 'fileutils'

mybasedir = '/var/lib/cass'
mydatadir = mybasedir + '/data'
mysnapshotlinksdir = mybasedir + '/snapshots'
FileUtils.remove_dir(mysnapshotlinksdir) if File.exists?(mysnapshotlinksdir)
Dir.chdir mydatadir
mysnapshotdirs = Dir.glob("**/*/")
mysnapshotdirs = mysnapshotdirs.grep(/snapshots\/.+/)
#p mysnapshotdirs

mysnapshots = {}
mysnapshotdirs.each do |mydir|
    mysnapshot = {}
    myparts = mydir.split('/')
    mysnapshot['keyspace'] = myparts[0]
    mysnapshot['cf'] = myparts[1]
    mysnapshot['tag'] = myparts[3]
    mysnapshot['linkdir'] = [mysnapshotlinksdir, mysnapshot['tag'], mysnapshot['keyspace']].join('/')
    mysnapshot['link'] = [mysnapshotlinksdir, mysnapshot['tag'], mysnapshot['keyspace'], mysnapshot['cf']].join('/')
    mysnapshot['target'] = [mydatadir, mydir].join('/')
    #p mysnapshot
    FileUtils.mkpath mysnapshot['linkdir'] unless File.exists?(mysnapshot['linkdir'])
    File.symlink(mysnapshot['target'], mysnapshot['link']) unless File.symlink?(mysnapshot['link'])


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