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Stress Linux system: stress-ng

worthy: stress-ng

NOTE: it's the newer/better version of "stress"


stress-ng current contains the following methods to exercise the machine:
CPU compute - just lots of sqrt() operations on pseudo-random values. One can also specify the % loading of the CPUsCache thrashing, a naive cache read/write exerciserDrive stress by writing and removing many temporary filesProcess creation and termination, just lots of fork() + exit() callsI/O syncs, just forcing lots of sync() callsVM stress via mmap(), memory write and munmap()Pipe I/O, large pipe writes and reads that exercise pipe, copying and context switchingSocket stressing, much like the pipe I/O test but using socketsContext switching between a pair of producer and consumer processes

Interview: sysadmin

Command line tools

Which tools have you used in below categories? With which options? What do the options perform? (possible answers/options listed after category)

  * network tools

    * iftop: n, N, P
    * lsof: i, p, c, N, P
    * tcpdump: n, host, net, and, or
    * iptables: t, L, n, D
    * dig: txt, mx, a, cname
    * ping
    * traceroute/mtr

  * filesystem tools

    * df: h, a, s, T
    * du: s, h
    * fdisk: l
    * mkfs
    * find: exec, name, type
    * updatedb/locate

  * monitoring tools / process management

    * watch: d, n
    * ps: a, u, x, w
    * htop
    * vmstat: <seconds>
    * sa/sar
    * nice
    * smartctl
    * iostat: <seconds>, x, m

* Filesystems

  * Which are the types of filesystems: ext3, ext4, xfs, brtfs
  * What is an inode? How would you handle a "disk full" error related to inodes usage?

* Networking

  * What is port forwarding and how have you used it?
  * What is CIDR, show examples?
  * What is NAT? How have you used NAT …

Google Nexus 4: permanent back panel glass repair for less than a penny

Clear packing tape. Apply single layer everywhere on back panel there isn't a device port. Be creative.

Has worked for me for months to prevent further damage.

Cost less than $ 0.01.

Doesn't look "pro" but neither do $20 - $30 covers from Toys-R-Us and other similar stores.

I actually only covered the area below the camera and to the left of the speak/microphone/whatever with one single piece I had to cut a bit to size.